Innate Immunity @ Tübingen
Interdisciplinary alliance of researchers in Tübingen


Since a few months, Tübingen's Eberhard Karls University is one of Germany's Excellence Universities and two of the three DFG-funded Clusters of Excellence (CoE) relate to Innate Immunity. Several PIs listed here participate in the CoEs "iFIT – Image-Guided and Functionally Instructed Tumor Therapies" (EXC 2180) and “CMFI – Controlling Microbes to Fight Infection" (EXC 2124). Several additional funding networks including innate immunity exist, e.g. involving skin immunity (with Heidelberg and Mainz) or platelets (with Würzburg). Generally, Immunology is also one of the Medical Faculty's Core Topics. Collectively, this makes Tübingen an ideal setting for cutting-edge research in innate immunity, so...

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 Alexander N. R. Weber
Professor of Innate Immunity